The Imaginal Experience of Graduating Dimensions

What do you think it would be like to exist as a 5th-dimensional being?

Kev The Metaject
3 min readFeb 27, 2023
Photo by Tom Podmore on Unsplash

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Consider the loose analogy that a single 2-dimensional image “transcends” into 3-dimensional form by a flipbook, similar to how an object is printed one layer at a time using a 3D printer.

Imagine each passing moment is a single page on a flipbook. The pages of the flipbook that make up every moment of your life. Every sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and feeling is on each page.

As the pages flip one after another you relive your entire life as it flashes from one moment to the next.

Relive every heartbreak and every regret. Relive every soul-resonating sunset, every hug and cry. Everything from the gut-wrenchingly painful to the serenely joyous moments of loving and being loved. All of it is in this 4-dimensional flipbook that spans your entire lifetime. You ARE this book.

Now imagine there are many other books. Each book captures a different you making different choices in a different life.

Maybe it was a choice between careers or lovers. Maybe it was a choice of taking a right instead of a left.

Maybe some of those choices change you to something unfamiliar. Instead of hating pickles, you love them. Maybe you became a librarian instead of a fashion designer.

Imagine what your lives might have been like as if you are living them. You ARE them all.

Don’t just imagine what it looks like. Those lives in many ways are just like your current one but with different choices made and different outcomes. What do you feel? What are some of the lessons you might have learned and likewise the regrets you might have had? What happiness might you find?

Live each of those lives in your mind separately but also altogether like you are looking upon all of them. There are infinite choices that you could have made differently and infinite other lives that you could have lived as a result. Space and time no longer matter. Take in all the experiences from each of those lives.

You see the bird’s eye view of every possible life you could have lived including this one. There are so many lives and moments in each that you lose track of each of them like pixels on a screen, but you know them all.

What do you feel? Don’t describe it with words but simply pay attention when you are experiencing ALL of yourself unbounded by space-time.

If you truly allow yourself to immerse yourself in this little meditative exercise you might discover some pretty profound realizations. For me, they weren’t so much explicit realizations that gave me a solution to any of my present-day problems. Rather it taught me what it means to let go without letting go of my feelings. It allowed me to know who I am and who else I can become (through the closest thing I can possibly refer to as experience).

It may seem like a guided meditation at first but it’s most effective when you keep your mind open and just focus on fully immersing yourself in your “other” selves and integrating them all, which is the point I’m trying to make about transcending into the 5th-dimensional awareness.



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